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What is CLEAR?

The CLEAR Lab researches into methods for improving the intelligibility and quality of speech signals that have become corrupted with noise or distorted by transmission. CLEAR is a research project run jointly by Imperial College London (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and University College London (Department of Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences). CLEAR is funded by the UK Home Office. More details ...


Sep 2013
CLEAR will be helping to organise the AES Conference on Audio Forensics that will take place in Bloomsbury, London between 12-14 June 2014.
Oct 2012
CLEAR announces a one-day workshop on "Enhancement of Degraded Speech: Processing, Modelling and Evaluation" on Wednesday 31st October 2012.
Jun 2012
There are three presentations by CLEAR at the AES Conference on Audio Forensics, Denver, CO.
Feb 2012
CLEAR announces a series of training courses in Digital Speech Signal Processing, Analysis And Enhancement. Download brochure (PDF).
Mar 2011
CLEAR was presented in two talks at the International Communications Data & Digital Forensics Seminar, 28-30 March 2011, Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow.
Feb 2011
Gaston Hilkhuysen presented work on the modelling of intelligibility changes caused by short-time spectral processing at the 38thErlanger Kolloquium für audiologisch tätiger Wissenschaftler und Entwickler, Germany.
Jan 2011
CLEAR members were involved in organising the 3rd workshop on Intelligibility and Quality of Speech in Noise in Lyon, France.

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